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    Be sure to check out our new YouTube Channel. You can see highlights from our recent Justice Labarga Dinner Gala as well as monthly recaps from events held last year. 

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    Who we are:

    We are Peña Law Office, P.A. Our values are honestly, loyalty, and dedication. We primarily represent clients finding their way into the new chapter of their life. We focus on being transparent and honest, and truly helping our clients.

    Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with the utmost respect. We truly appreciate that our involvement and representation in their case will affect our clients and their family for the rest of their lives. We take pride in our work and enjoy working together as a team. We understand that family law is an especially taxing area of law because of the emotional and financial matters at stake in our client’s lives. We do not aim to be “bull-dog” attorneys only interested in billing and unnecessarily litigating for the sake of fighting. Rather, the goal is to represent our clients zealously and honestly, and to advise them in this process while they make the choices that will affect them for years to come. When it’s time to fight and go to trial, we will do just that, but we also understand that coming to an agreement and resolving the case may be the better route.

    The position:

    We are looking for a bilingual (English/Spanish) family-law associate attorney with family law experience. Many of our clients come to the firm because we are bilingual, and we need an associate that can communicate with clients in their language. We want someone who fits in with our team, who represents clients with compassion and empathy, while also being confident in court with the ability to be assertive and passionate. We have a physical office but want you to have flexibility to work remotely. Our firm represents clients with cases in the tri-county area, with the majority of the cases located in Palm Beach County. Compensation is commensurate with experience with a range starting at $80,000.00.


    We want someone who enjoys being a lawyer and helping people, and we understand that you may not be fulfilled in your current position. We understand that you have a life outside of the law firm, and we want you to be able to have a balance with a manageable case load and the ability to work from home. Salary will be commensurate to your level of experience with an ability to earn bonus/incentive pay based on achievement of predetermined goals and responsibilities.

    Who We Want:

    We need someone who fits in with our team who treats others with respect and integrity. Honesty and communication are crucial. Being able to work as a team is important, but we expect you to bring your skills to the table. We expect you to take pride in your work, have a high level of professionalism and customer service, and to be aligned with our core values.

    We need an attorney with people skills who has the ability to guide clients realistically and with compassion. Must have the ability to explain intricate legal concepts without condescension. Someone who has the ability to work well with staff and maximize their potential to ensure seamless teamwork.

    You are expected to handle all aspects of litigation including conducting legal research, drafting pleadings/motions/memos, trial preparation, preparation of witnesses, conduct depositions, and be well versed the rules of evidence. We also expect you to be able to communicate effectively with the clients and opposing counsel, and be able to move cases to resolution when possible. Must have attention to detail. Must be licensed and in good standing with the Florida Bar.

    How to Apply:

    You will be evaluated and vetted on your ability to follow instructions. To apply, send an email to mcpena@penalawoffice.com with the subject line ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY in all caps followed by your full name. Email body should include your full name, bar number, and email. Attach to the email a copy of your resume, a writing sample, and a short, paragraph-style cover letter explaining the following: (1) why you seek to leave your current position, (2) where you see yourself in 5 years, (3) what you love about family law, (4) what you hate about family law, (5) why your favorite case is your favorite, (6) why your worst case was the worst, and (7) your salary expectation.

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